Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islands

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education

Creator Spirit, challenge us to open our eyes to see the world from another lens.
Though change has occurred, the story and spirit of the
Boon Wurrung people will always be written in this land.
We acknowledge the Boon Wurrung.

The National Catholic Education Commission’s Vision for Reconciliation:

That all involved in Catholic education will act upon the words of The Australian Bishops, Pope John Paul II and The Vision of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation.


Firmly opt for solidarity between all of Australia’s inhabitants by individually and communally responding to a call to conversion based on hope, promise and love, and to reconciliation with people of every race living in our country.


We promote a culturally inclusive and collaborative program to enhance educational outcomes for Aboriginal students and to create a welcoming school environment.


Our program acknowledges Aboriginal views and promotes greater understanding and respect for Aboriginal peoples, cultures, histories and languages.