School Uniform


SUMMER (Terms 1&4)

WINTER (Terms 2&3)

  • School Check Dress or
  • School Check Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Navy Blue Gaberdine Shorts
  • Navy Blue Socks – long or short
  • Black School Shoes
  • Navy Slouch Hat (School Logo)
  • Navy Blue Detachable Bib, Pleated Tunic, or Navy Blue Gaberdine Trousers, or Navy Blue Gaberdine Shorts
  • Red Long Sleeve Hyper-Allergenic Top (School Logo) or School Check Shirt
  • Navy Blue Tights or Navy Blue Socks – long or short
  • Black School Shoes
  • Navy Blue Beanie
  • Short Sleeve Sports Mesh Top (School Logo)
  • Long Sleeve Knitted Rugby Top
  • Navy Blue Rugby Shorts or Navy Blue Netball Skirt with Bloomers or Navy Blue Track Pants
  • Navy Blue or White Sport Socks (Plain)
  • Runners
  • Knitted Woollen Jumper (School Logo)
  • Studded Bomber Jacket (School Logo)
  • Polar Fleece Vest (School Logo)
  • Navy Blue Soft Shell Spray Jacket (School Logo)


  • Correct school uniform must be worn at all times
  • Sports Uniform may only be worn to school on days of Physical Education or Sport. 
  • Approved school sunhats must be worn at all times outdoors from 1st September to 1st May
  • School shoes are to be worn with summer and winter uniform
  • Runners are only to be worn as part of sports uniform
  • Jewellery is limited to a wrist watch and ONE pair of earrings - either sleepers or studs.

With the changing weather patterns in Victoria we allow a phase in period for change of uniform.


For summer uniform the phase in period will be from the start of Term 4 for two weeks. For winter uniform the phase in period will be from the first day of Term 2 for two weeks.


During these phase in periods students may wear either summer or winter uniform and by the end of the phase in period they will be expected to be in the designated seasonal uniform.









































Second Hand Uniform Shop
The school second hand uniform shop is run by volunteers and provides a service for the school. Stock available varies depending on donations to the shop. School bags, school hats and book bags are purchased through the school. 


Feel free to drop in and have a look what is available.


New School Uniforms

New uniforms can be purchased from Beleza


2023 Uniform Price List



The nearest store is at the following location:

Shop 3, 129 - 133 Beach Street, Frankston VIC 3199



(03) 9783 1088



Tuesday – Friday:

9am  - 5pm


9.30am – 12.30pm