Assessment and Reporting


At St Augustine’s we recognise that every child is different. Assessments are aimed at not only providing data on a student’s progress but on enabling teachers to provide timely and beneficial feedback to students on the growth in their learning and to facilitate planning that focuses on a more personalised approach to individual student needs.


While the school does employ several different types of standardised testing resources we also utilise ongoing assessment through observations, samples of work, self-reflections, rubrics and other such devices.


Current assessment tools
Early Numeracy Research Project
Westwood Operations
Pat Maths
NAPLAN (Yr 3 & 6)
Reading, ROL, Letter ID, CAP, Word, Writing, HSIW, Burt, WTW (P-2)


Pat Reading & Comprehension
Arcots (Reading &Comprehension)
Alpha Assess
NAPLAN (Yr 3 & 6)

Words Their Way Spelling/Vocab/Grammar
Pat Spelling & Grammar (Years 4-6)


End of Term 1: 15 minute interview
End of Term 2: Interim report
End of Term 3: 15 minute interview
End of Term 4: Full year report