Production 2019

I’m still pinching myself after Tuesday. Especially that last show! The cast really flipped into another gear for the entire day and they were just brilliant. I am so proud of each and every single student that contributed to the production.  Our classes showed off their singing and dancing skills during the big numbers. Our main cast (and minor roles) became professional actors and actresses for the day and put on some wonderful shows. The amount of hard work, time and energy the students have put into perfecting their roles cannot be understated. Many of them were asking for extra lunchtime rehearsals. For me, it really highlighted their dedication to making their performance the best it can be. You could feel the energy backstage. You could see the pride and confidence they had when they stepped out onto the stage. I want to thank them for being an amazing cast to work with and I look forward to seeing them on stage again in the future!
I want to say a huge thank you to the staff and helpers for making it happen. It was a really big day and I really appreciate everyone committing their time and energy into making the shows the best they can be. We have an amazing team full of different talents and I’m so thankful for everyone. 
I wanted to thank a few key players:
Pia Lindner - Honestly, I don’t know how anyone can handle the stress of your job on the day. You did such an incredible job running the day and you absolutely nailed those shows. I feel so lucky to work with someone with your talent and experience. We couldn’t have done it without you. I promise to keep challenging you by adding more and more cues for each show (67 lighting cues sounds like a low number). 
Mary Karakatsanis & Maria Sabbatucci - The costumes looked amazing. You both spent so many after school and weekend hours cutting, gluing, sewing, altering, sourcing and creating costumes for the entire school to wear. You had a solution to every problem. We are so lucky to have you both and I cannot thank you enough. 
Taryn Bartlett - Whenever anything needs to be done, chances are you have already done it. Whether it be lights, makeup, documents, organisation or anything, you always go above and beyond. I know I can rely on you for anything and I am so grateful for your help.
Scott Callander, Jeff Pasqualini, Glenn Cooper, David Bolton, Suzanne La Fontaine - For putting your hands up with the truck driving and heavy lifting. The sets are big, heavy and numerous and we couldn’t have moved them without your help. Thanks to James Coley, Derek Bruitzman, Peter Maragoulias, Mary Karakatsanis, Pia Lindner, Nick De Koning, Sake, Hanna Draycott & Terry De Koning for your help with the sets as well.
Jan De Koning - For all of your support throughout the year. Thank you for entrusting and empowering the production team to make it all happen. 
If I named everyone I wanted to thank, it would be a really, really long post. From doing makeup, fitting mics, costumes, coordinating props/sets, designing the program, coordinating students (even pushing on with a fever), supervising/crowd control, sound cues, helping with rehearsals/auditions, prompting, taking photos, set relocation (3 times!), support and everything else - I could have not asked for a better team. Thank you for your part in making this production an amazing experience!
And last (but not least), thank you to our families and for all of your support. From running lines at home and singing lessons to buying tickets and helping organise costumes. Everything has contributed to making this year’s production so special and I’m sure our students will remember it for a long, long time. Without such a great audience, the show cannot exist so thank you for supporting The Little Mermaid Jr this year. I hope you enjoyed the show!
Until next time,
Mr Harbour.