School Fees

Fee Schedule 2022


Student Levy (per child) $460.00
Sport Levy (per Grade 5/6 child) $60.00
School Fee (per family) $1680.00
Building Maintenance Levy (per family) $300.00
Grounds Maintenance Levy (per family $275.00
Graduation Fee (Grade 6 only) $80.00









School Fees together with Commonwealth and State Government Grants pay the running costs of the school. These costs include:- salaries; building; furniture, equipment, maintenance; light; power and heating; insurance, rates and capital expenditure.


Student Levies contribute directly towards education costs (with the exception of school camps), which include things such as stationery and equipment; library and text books; art and craft materials; computer software; class incursions & excursions, garden kitchen consumables, physical education and sporting requisites.


Student and Sport Levies are billed in advance and are payable by the start of the new school year. School Fees, Building Maintenance Levies and Grounds Maintenance Levies are billed in full at the start of the year and payable over 3 equal instalments, collected in Terms 1, 2 & 3.


There is no reimbursement of school fees for families where students are absent from school for a prolonged period due to family holidays as the school is holding an enrolment place open for your child(ren).