Religious Education

St Augustine’s Primary School is part of the St Francis Xavier Parish, Frankston. The School and the Parish respect, encourage and support parents in their role as first educators of their children in faith.


Our school invites and supports students to discover God’s presence in their daily lives. Within a gospel-centred environment, students are challenged and supported to understand themselves and the world in which they live through a world view founded in Scripture and in the traditions of the Catholic community − its stories, its worship, its experiences and its teachings.


Religious education is at the centre of the Catholic school curriculum, and is reflected in a visible Catholic symbolic culture and active sacramental and liturgical practice. Religious education explores students’ life experiences in the context of Church teachings and tradition. Participation in religious education is compulsory for all students in our school.


The Religious Education program is planned and implemented through the Coming to Know, Worship and Love texts, as well as through a rich inquiry curriculum.


The school provides opportunities for parents and children to worship through the celebration of Sacraments and prayer. Parents are expected to support the Religious Education program by attending family nights, helping to prepare their child for Sacraments and supporting their child when family activities arise, related to Religious Education.


In Year Four, the children receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. Year Six students receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.


Baptism and joining God's family can be arranged through the school.