Specialist Classes and Programs

Specialist Programs

St Augustine’s has an extensive specialist program.  This includes classes in:


  • Physical Education
  • Italian
  • Visual Arts (including ceramics)
  • Performing Arts/Drama
  • Kitchen Garden
  • Music

Senior students participate in interschool sport and our Prep students also participate in PMP. 


During even years St Augustine's holds a Visual Arts show.

During odd years St Augustine's holds a whole school Production.


Learning Support

Classroom teaching programs are created to cater for individual needs. Students’ individual abilities are measured by a comprehensive assessment schedule which is used to inform classroom-teaching practice. Students are grouped according to their ability and are supported and extended within the classroom. 


There are a range of support programs to meet the needs of individual students at St Augustine's:

  • In the classroom - through whole/small group teaching & PLP's (Personalised Learning Plans)

  • LLI (Leveled Literacy Intervention) 

  • Learning Support Staff assistance 

  • MaqLit

  • EAL Support Program


Additional assistance or extension is provided within the classroom to all students through focused teaching and open-ended tasks.