St A's Wellbeing Dog Ziggy


or Ziggy puppy!

This week we welcomed onsite our new resident puppy Ziggy Frances Augustine!  Ziggy is a cavoodle and is being trained to be a wellbeing dog as part of the Dogs Connect Program.  

Having a school wellbeing dog can help with attendance, behaviour, social connection and emotional regulation.

The students have been learning 3 expectations to follow whilst Ziggy is around.
1) Say hello to the person (not Ziggy - we do not say the 'Z' word!)
2) Give lots of space when we pass Ziggy
3) We keep moving - dont stop and stare

The students loved seeing Ziggy in and out of the classrooms and the joy and excitement in the school was buzzing!

When Ziggy is not being trained at school, she lives with our school Principal Mrs Rodda.  

Stay tuned for more Ziggy updates!

Ziggy was back again at school.  She spent a lot of time exploring the yard and making sure that all of the students were feeling happy and safe! Ziggy is such a cute addition to our school and we are glad that she is part of our wonderful community!