Digital Learning

Digital Natives:
Today’s children, Generation Alpha, are the first of a generation of learners considered to be true natives of the digital world.

While Australians are amongst the world’s most prolific users of technology we don’t really know how to use them, we are consumers not producers or participants and that needs to change.

Digital literacy (The use of technology, its languages, programming etc. and fluency in their usage, crossing between platforms etc. are recognised as must-have qualities for future employment. (Emily Parkinson, 2015)

St Augustine’s integrates the use of information and communication technologies into the curriculum, where appropriate, at all levels of schooling. It is important to introduce students to these technologies in a safe environment, where students are taught how to discriminate between online sources and communicate with others using appropriate behaviours. This also extends to protecting the privacy of all students by addressing current issues, including cyber-bullying, online privacy, copyright and intellectual property. We expect our students to be responsible and discerning users of digital technology.