School Profile

St Augustine's is a co-educational catholic primary school situated in the Bayside suburb of Frankston South, on over 3 hectares of natural bushland.


The school currently comprises 315 students and 51 staff. The structure of the school consists of 2 classes at Prep, Grade 1 and Grade 2; and 4 mixed-age classes at Grade 3&4 and Grade 5&6, for a total of 14 classes in all. The average class size is 23 students.


The school infastructure comprises the main brick building containing 6 dual class learning areas, administration area, library,  staffroom, parent room and student ammenities; the Dantum Building and Arts Wing containing 2 dual class learning areas, music, art and italian room, and garden kitchen; and a school hall.


St Augustine’s operates flexible learning as part of our delivery of contemporary pedagogies for developing 21st Century learners. Flexible learning relates to the complete physical, social and pedagogical context in which learning occurs. Our innovative environment is underpinned by teaching methods and spaces that are engaging and motivational.


Special Features:

  • Modern architecturally designed buildings
  • Multipurpose hall
  • Spacious grounds
  • Extensive playground areas, equipment and fitness opportunities
  • Passive and interactive play areas
  • Undercover basketball court
  • Interactive whiteboards/ Tv's and computers in every classroom
  • iPad/Chromebook program
  • Kitchen/Garden program P-6
  • Biennial School Musical Production/Art & Technology Exhibition
  • Transition programs K-P and 6-7
  • Interschool sports for seniors
  • Camping Program 3-6
  • Bike Education Program 3 -6
  • Swimming program for the whole school
  • Resilience Project & Respectful Relationships
  • Maths/English intervention and extension support
  • Student Leadership and Buddy program
  • Lunchtime clubs and activities daily 
  • Mini Vinnies - Social Justice Initiative
  • Student Representative Committee (SRC)
  • Frog Pond and Sustainability program
  • Animal WellbeingProgram - rabbits, goats, guinea pigs, school turtle!
  • Dogs Connect program - Wellbeing puppy Ziggy Frances Augustine
  • Family School Partnerships (Advisory Board, Classroom helpers, Parents & Friends)
  • Specialist lessons in Music, Physical Education, Italian, Visual Arts (including ceramics) Performing Arts/Drama, Kitchen Garden and ‘Kids’ Kitchen. 
  • Kool Kidz Rock provide additional tuition in keyboard, guitar or singing
  • Before, After and Holiday Out of School Care Program
  • Cluster partnerships with local Bayside Catholic schools, and John Paul College
  • Educational, speech theracy, psychologist, pastoral and welfare support
  • School Nurse
  • Parent Engagement Officier
  • Active Play Group