School Policies

Care, Safety and Welfare of Students

  • Administration of Medication Policy 
  • Anaphylaxis Policy 
  • Emergency Response to Anaphylactic Reaction 
  • Attendance Policy for MACS Schools
  • Bullying Prevention Policy – school policy
  • Duty of Care Policy for MACS Schools
  • Excursions, Camps and Travel Policy MACS Schools
  • Camps Procedures MACS Schools
  • School Excursion Procedures
  • First Aid Policy – school policy
  • ICT Acceptable Usage Policy – school policy
  • Medical Management Policy – school policy
  • Pastoral Care Policy for MACS Schools
  • Student Behaviour Policy – school policy
  • Supervision Procedures – school policy

Child Safety and Wellbeing

  • Child Safety Code of Conduct – school policy
  • Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy – school policy
  • Child Safety and Wellbeing Recordkeeping Policy – school policy
  • Engaging Families in Child Safety Policy – school policy
  • PROTECT: Identifying and Responding to Child Abuse – Reporting Obligations Policy
    PROTECT Procedure – Informing staff of reporting obligations
    PROTECT Procedure – Police or DHHS Child Protection interviews at school
    PROTECT Procedure – Responding to all forms of child abuse
    PROTECT Procedure – Responding to offences under the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic.)
    PROTECT Procedure – Responding to Police and Child Protection requests for further information
    PROTECT Procedure – Responding to student sexual offending
  • Reportable Conduct Policy – school policy

Complaints Handling

  • Complaints Handling Policy
  • Complaints Handling Procedures – school procedure
  • School Community Safety Order Scheme Internal Review Process – school process
  • School Community Safety Order Review Form – school form


  • Assessment and Reporting Policy – school policy



Employment & Infrastructure

  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy – school policy


  • Democratic Principles Statement – school statement
  • Governance Statement – school statement 
  • MACS Code of Conduct for School Advisory Councils – members
  • School Advisory Council Manual: For all MACS schools
  • School Advisory Councils Terms of Reference – school terms of reference
  • School Philosophy Statement – school statement
  • Working Together in Mission: Charter for parishes and schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne


Suspension, negotiated transfer and expulsion of students

  • Expulsion of Students Policy – school policy
  • Negotiated Transfer of Students Policy – school policy
  • Suspension of Students Policy – school policy