Vision and Mission


St Augustine’s Primary School is inspired by the motto, to live simply, love generously and learn constantly, to build a nurturing, forward-thinking Catholic learning community with a focus on excellence in all its endeavours.


We are a Catholic School Community that:


Catholic Ethos

  • provides opportunities for people to develop loving relationships with God, self and others
  • inspires a deeper understanding of our Catholic Faith in today’s world
  • welcomes, respects and values people of all faiths and cultures
  • actively promotes the principles of Catholic Social Teaching and Justice in our world.


Teaching & Learning

  • creates and sustains innovative learning communities that promote deep learning, animated learners and powerful teaching which encourages everyone to achieve their personal best
  • is committed to an inclusive education system which values diversity and celebrates difference
  • engages with and delivers a wide variety of learning opportunities and experiences.


The Whole Person

  • provides a quality Catholic education which fosters the spiritual, academic, social, emotional and physical development of all participants
  • is committed to ensuring all members of our community work together to promote and enact behaviours consistent with the Child Safe Standards
  • recognises that each individual is unique and deserves to have an education that enables them to experience success in their lives.


Global Community

  • respects God’s creation and is committed to promoting Stewardship through sustainability education and practices
  • builds our own stories while fostering knowledge and care and concern for the stories of the First Australians, particularly the Bunurong People on whose land our school rests
  • fosters a genuine concern for others that inspires positive interaction with the world.