Principal's welcome




Welcome to our wonderful school. At St Augustine’s we strive to ensure that the needs of all of our students in our care are met. We value kindness, empathy and integrity in all that we do and say. Our approach to teaching and learning is exceptional and we place great emphasis on the social emotional wellbeing of all of our students. Developing the whole child is the foundation.


We recognise that parents make an important contribution to the education of their children and welcome their active involvement and participation in the life of the parish, school and the educational programs offered. The staff of St Augustine's will work in partnership with you in nurturing your child’s development. We will guide, support and assist your child in every possible way and take a genuine interest in your child’s welfare.


Each child at St Augustine’s is seen as an individual who can develop and know the feeling of success. This sense of self-worth is nurtured through understanding, motivating and enabling children, whilst encouraging responsibility and providing challenging activities in a safe and secure environment. Our children are supported through Religious and pastoral programs that model Jesus' love and acceptance of everyone.

Come and visit our school to see firsthand what we offer and can provide for your child and family. We are at community at heart and warmly welcome you to our school. Choosing a school for your child is an important decision and we invite you to join our school community and entrust your child into our tender love and care.


God Bless, Show grace and Be the Joy for Others. 

Carrie Rodda - Principal