Horizons of Hope

Horizons of Hope supports:
…the mission, the privilege, of the Catholic school to build a community, where authentic relationships based on love provide the means and the support for all students to flourish and grow into the fullness of life. (Archbishop Denis Hart, Catholic Education Melbourne Strategic Plan 2015-2019. P.1)


Catholic Schools in Melbourne are guided by the Education Framework for the Archdiocese of Melbourne – Horizons of Hope. This document is designed to support school communities in their collaborative pursuit of excellence in learning and teaching within the central vision of Catholic education.


Students today are immersed in a globalising world that is marked by rapid scientific and technological growth. As technology advances, we are challenged to collaborate with schools and lead new pedagogical models for learning and teaching, incorporating new technologies in the classroom and providing new learning spaces to meet the needs of students.


Catholic Education Melbourne works in partnership with schools to establish safe learning environments and promote the current and future formation of students. This requires support founded on the identity and integrity of teachers striving to understand and respond to the needs of each student and to changing educational demands.